"Every visit has been a positive experience. The customer service "everytime” has been friendly and positive, not always seen in customer oriented businesses. Congratulations on making your patients experience personalized and positive!"

–Mary F.

Every time I was here the staff was always very nice and caring and it was a very helpful and good experience. –Olivia W

"We were first referred to another orthodontist and our experience was
negative. We came here and a completely different experience! Everyone is
so kind and friendly. My daughter was having discomfort due to a wire and
Dr. Hardinger saw her on a Sunday! That was above and beyond what I

-Melissa H.-Mom

"Always friendly and always makes sure you are comfortable. Great staff and
always makes sure you know what’s happening and what they are doing."
-Nicky G.

I would have to say every experience I’ve had here has been positive. All the staff members are gentle and compassionate. I come in with a smile and leave with one. Everyone here is honest with you. –Shian S.

"I always felt comfortable with the staff and everything they did. When I had
concerns, staff and Dr. Hardinger acknowledged those concerns and took care of them (which is different from past experiences I’ve had with places
outside of i smile). The environment is clean and relaxing. I will and have
suggested i smile to others. I REALLY appreciate the text reminders."

-Liz B.

Dr. Stiles and staff, can't stress how much we appreciate the class act you guys are running in that office: 




My daughter battled some "crooked" teeth and we got lucky to land in your office to fix the issues and nothing but awesome things to say about the service and so happy my daughter has a wonderful smile now that kids will not make fun of her like before and the confidence she shows already being excited to show off her new smile. You are fixing more than teeth in there you are creating confidence in kids to feel good about themselves. Great job and I will recommend every person I know that asks me about any dental work they need done there. Keep up the great work all of you are first class there!! –Bryon H.~Dad

Coming in to my appointments and seeing everyone smiling and happy! Everyone here has a part in making your smile better and when you’re finally done everyone is excited for you! It’s almost like a small family!-Lauren D.

"I was always treated as part of the i smile family. Treated with care and

–Julie T.

Everyone always has a smile on their face and helped me gain confidence in my smile again. –Summer S.

Everyone is so nice and friendly that it makes the experience of getting braces so much better.-Ryan M.

"The entire team was welcoming and friendly every visit that we had! I love
your clinic and have referred everyone I know to you! Great job ladies! P.S…
My daughters teeth look amazing!" -Heather N.-Mom

The staff were very friendly. They put up with my dad’s humor, which is saying a lot! Some of the best I’ve seen☺

What People Are Saying....

Dr. Stiles and her staff do an incredible job of creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere. It actually makes visiting her office an enjoyable experience. As an adult patient who had never had braces, Dr. Stiles took the time to explain what she was doing and why. I highly recommend her! –Craig V.

"All of the staff here is really nice! They always make you laugh & smile. Dr.
Hardinger is super nice & makes sure you are comfortable & happy before you leave. I have recommended a few of my friends & family members."
–Breanna R.

I could say every time I have come here it has been a positive experience, but I would say the day I got my braces off.  It was on Halloween and the ladies had costumes on.  There was so much to be excited and happy about.-Abbey W.

"I love my new smile! It’s all been good! So good that I brought both
daughters here for braces!! Thank you!!" -Theresa P.

"Everything was good, never had any negative experiences. We have
recommended to others and will continue to do so. Our younger children will
also come here."

–Jackie S. -Mom

"Every time I came to i smile I always felt so welcomed and the people here are so nice and caring. Thank you for giving me perfect teeth, means the world to me."


"I was really nervous about getting braces at first, but everyone at i smile has
always been really comforting and it has helped a lot."

-Doris D.

"I had a great experience with the staff and doctor, they are the nicest assistants I’ve ever met and I would recommend i smile orthodontics to anybody and everybody who is considering braces!"

-Zach B.

"All of my appointments were very positive! The staff were super nice and
made sure that I was properly cared for. I felt that they always went out of
their way to make personal connections with me as well."

-Lauren T.

"I always appreciate the courtesy and kindness of Dr and the staff, especially
explaining what was going to be done before they proceeded and always
asked if I had any questions or concerns. Very welcoming, addressed me by
my first name, treated like “one of the family”."

-Becky W.

"I’m pretty sure I have had a positive experience every time I have been in
here. My favorite one had to be my first day talking about braces because
my dad thinks he’s funny and puts random stuff on my file which gave us
something to laugh about every time I was in here. It’s hard to be in here
when they are to flippin awesome! Which is all of the time!"

Tyson S.