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Kids Club

Good dental health starts early! The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that your child sees the orthodontist at the first sign of an orthodontic problem, but no later than age 7 (American Association of Orthodontics, 2020).


If your child is 7 or up, we welcome you to join us for a complimentary exam! Following the initial consultation and exam, your child will have the opportunity to become a part of our Kids Club. Members will be given a Kids Club t-shirt to wear for their annual growth monitoring visits. Kids Club participants will also receive invitations to exclusive patient events and get the chance to win prizes after each appointment!

what we look for in monitoring growth

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Growth imbalances

in the jaw & face in case orthopedic treatment is indicated before it’s too late!

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Missing or extra teeth so we can be thoughtful about managing gaps or potential road blocks for newly erupting teeth.

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Impacted teeth & crowding to prevent root damage or tooth loss to adjacent teeth, as well as help teeth come in as naturally and comfortable as possible.

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Oral habits that worsen the bite and create longer, more complex treatment needs that are avoidable if caught early.

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Determine timing for full treatment I want the over-the- top best care for your son or daughter. This is how!

Kids Club Patient

importance of orthodontic monitoring 

As a board-certified orthodontist and dento-facial orthopedist I am very passionate about preventive care and helping my patients receive the best orthodontic results possible. I’m focused not only on tooth alignment and oral health but also your child’s growth and face structure.

Since the face constantly changes as it grows, there are optimal times to treat that are less invasive and result in simpler and shorter treatment. Under my care, patients receive necessary early treatment, as well as valuable guidance for when full treatment will be most effective.


That is the value of our kids club! It’s FREE, it improves your child’s overall dental health, offers peace of mind, and allows me to do my best work!

Dr. Stiles

join the club today!

7 & Up

Sucess! You will hear back from us shortly.

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